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1. free installation, debugging and training operator.
2. Our company establishes a number of tough emergency repair service teams, which include experienced field engineers and senior technicians who can rush to the scene for repairing and replacement for any problems that arise.
3. Within one week after product delivery, staff of service department will have telephone tracking consultation according to customer¡¯s contact information, until the customer is satisfied.
4. All complaints about product quality will be replied asap, and relevant staff make repair and replacement in accordance with the situation.
5. We promise that all maintenance staff is on call at any time to solve problems for clients.
6. Any cost caused by product quality within maintenance period is at our expense; any maintenance for improper use or caused by natural environment during maintenance period is free and just charge cost price.
7. We promise to provide inspection and maintenance for the product beyond warranty period.
8 24-hour after sale service: 18661676718£¨general Chen)£¬0532-83199789-8006£»customer service:13954223253£¨general Gao)£¬0532-83199789-8012.
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