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Name:Line sticky box machine
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Line sticky box machine
Detailed Description


Glue box elastically floats to fit the glue wheel without leakage.
It selects and uses imported qualified pump and is durable.
Optional to use heat insulation glue barrel to keep the best operating temperature, and it works at any time even in winter.

Convenient to adjust guide bar of paper folding to reduce time while changing sheet;
Folding arm underneath is rigid, which will not induce jitter when hardboard passes.
Bottom folding belt on both sides adopts stepless speed regulation, which can reduce fishtail.
right angle correction function to improve the precision of sticking box,
strengthening the function of indentation


Counting and ejecting
Long time for sorting out is favorable to improve precision for box sticking.
Delivering paper from the bottom is stable and not easy to break down.

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